Getting over everyday’s procrastination and the fear of my first article being absolutely amateurish, I finally decided to write. From the corner of my eye, I saw those heavy, hardbound textbooks silently glare, angered at their ungracious abandonment. It did not matter. Today, the world did not matter.

While I was thinking of names for my blog,  racking my brains over fancy, eye-catching names, the first question that hit me was – “What is the blog about?”. Unfortunately, I didn’t know. It isn’t a flashy-techno-latest-gadgets blog. It isn’t an around-the-world-travel blog. It isn’t poetry, it isn’t prose. The point is – I don’t know what it is, yet. Perhaps, an extremely naive attempt to revelation, an introspection, an endeavor to reach out to the world outside the confinement of these four walls or maybe, just a hit-and-trial method of finding out what I like. But as of now, let’s just say – ‘It is playing the unknown’.


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