I am

I am the smile that curls your frozen lips As the morning light approaches; That dancing dew drop on your window, Fading as the sun encroaches. The melody humming under your breath, As you drive another mile; A wandering thought that peeps in at noon, And lingers for a while. I am the lines of … More I am


The voice lures, quietly, Like the gentle melody of the dark; Slowly croons a lullaby, or Notes dancing in a spark? Tales of valiant knights it tells, Lores of mystic dunes; It flaunts of dazzling skies above, or Worlds with a hundred moons? The voice is fragrance, Of willows and the wilderness; Scent of fresh … More Voice


“Hope is the thing with feathers” That comes by, singing a joyful melody; And returns, cold, as the night begins to fall, Taking every bit, every piece of me.


http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/29/daily-prompt-now/ Today is still. Devoid of stirs and sounds, Dormant, with silences abound Heavied down by inactivity, Unperturbed, untouched, Today is still. Today is reminiscing. The merry yesterdays Of innocent plays. That incessant laughter. Keeping secrets and promises safe, Today is reminiscing. Today is longing. For distances untraveled, Mysteries unraveled. Those unheard tunes. For love … More Today

Lying in Silence

If I ever write an autobiography, this will be the last page. I always thought of death as a painful encounter but now, as my dark night draws closer, I no longer fear. Now, on the contrary, it strikes me extraordinarily that regardless of the fact that we all know we are going to die … More Lying in Silence


The fine line That separated the two, Almost invisible, Did shine; The same color In a slightly different hue, Almost believable, Almost mine.

She walks with courage

She walks with courageMidst the infernoOf the ravaging crowdShe fears notThe cold penetrating eyesFor when she walks,She walks with a gazefixed, unrelenting, to the skiesShe knows notDaintiness and fragilityFor she walks undaunted,Exuding serenityUnguarded she venturesInto the tempestuous watersBarefooted she treadsOn the soiled earthShe walks on thin wires,She dances in the downpourFor she is spiritedUnstoppable like … More She walks with courage


The wounded sun falls into the sea.His vanity, his pride of the noonShatters,As the final tide of the dusk approaches.And there he lies,In tranquility

Getting over everyday’s procrastination and the fear of my first article being absolutely amateurish, I finally decided to write. From the corner of my eye, I saw those heavy, hardbound textbooks silently glare, angered at their ungracious abandonment. It did not matter. Today, the world did not matter. While I was thinking of names for … More